Implementation of open-source

ARTIO is a software company, which is specialized in implementation of open-source projects for individual customers including development of extensions for these systems. We also develop own extensions and add-ons, both free and commercial. Several of these extensions are well known world-wide and used by tens of thousands of customers.

We are most active in the open-source communities for the following areas:

Why Open-source

  • compared to the use of a closed system the biggest customer advantage is gaining independence at software vendor; after the software is delivered, customer does not become "hostage" of the original vendor, without whose assistance he would not be able to further develop the software or "painlessly" replace the vendor; if necessary, customer can change vendors freely, without need of changing the technology used;
  • a possibility of using existing solutions for building applications (ie. frameworks); thanks to those, there is no need to re-create / develop the basic parts of software applications, which are repeated in almost every system, such as database access, user and permission management, etc.
  • a possibility of using ready-made software components that can be further modified and mutually integrated
    thanks to the above, reducing overall development time and therefore costs
    access to new features and enhancements during regular application core (framework) updates , without additional development costs
    software system can be maintained and managed in a long run; it utilizes already established technology or software components, where technical support and further development are guranteed