Openbravo ERP

Openbravo 3, ERP based on the open-source technologies, empowers organizations across industries worldwide to improve business performance through increased productivity and business agility. Implementation of ERP is not difficult and could be done during few weeks from the initial analyze.

Openbravo Features

Openbravo 3 includes a broad functional footprint that provides a firm foundation for business agility. It is based on a single, integrated database model covering all key application areas of a complete business management system, including seamless integration to Point of Sale (POS).

  • Easy: Web-based UI is intuitive. New users do not need to spend lot of time with learing how to ERP effectively use
  • Powerful: multi-tab application design and state of the art grid work together to satisfy the most users
  • Integrated: fully integrated data model with efficient process flows facilitate collaboration and streamline end-to-end operations, providing
  • Modular: easy in-app access to hundreds of native extensions, localizations, and industry-specific functionality enables ongoing evolution of a best-fit solution, without the complexity of unused features
  • 100% Web-based: ensures easy roll out to new users & sites, with access from mobile devices; cloud could be used for deployment to minimize complexity and capital expense
  • Cost-effective - ROI: transparent “pay as you go” subscription model avoids capital expense--with no hidden fees or haggling over price
  • Different industries supported: Openbravo works fine for company focused on distribution, retail, manufacturing and services

Openbravo Functionality

Openbravo 3’s modular open source ERP Platform additionally supports in-app installation of high quality commercial and open source modules, the most popular of which are listed on Openbravo Exchange. These native extension modules meet long tale needs covering localizations, functional extensions, connectors to 3rd–party applications, industry-specific functionality, etc.


  • Role-based workspace & widgets
  • Multi-tab user interface
  • State of the art grid
  • Configurable language for each user
  • Programmable alarms by specific user role or user
  • Keyboard navigation for faster operation
  • Integrated on line help
  • Possibility to attach documents, images or files to any register in the application
  • Navigable network of information (history, related documents, etc.)
  • Output of reports in multiple formats: .html, .pdf, and .xls
  • Configurable filters and flexible record sorting
  • Embedded selectors in the forms for the most used entities (products, business partners, accounts, projects, orders, invoices...)
  • Configurable batch processes of tasks that can be scheduled on specific times


  • Access levels defined per user based on roles
  • Auditing for each transaction
  • Support for secure connection over http


  • Support for CAS based single sign on.
  • Simple integration with other applications through REST web services, easily supporting SOA strategies.
  • Pre-integrated with Openbravo POS.

Openbravo and Magento integration

We offer complete solution for Openbravo and Magento - OBM Bridge - is set of tools for real-time data exchange between Openbravo ERP and Magento E-Commerce. It ensures online synchronization of all major data entities from Openbravo to Magento.