M-Turbo is a caching component for Magento e-stores that provides ultra fast response of the site and improves shopper experience.

M-Turbo does periodically generate cache files based on the user preferences. When a website visitor requests a webpage, the webserver checks if the cached file exists and is valid. If it does, it is server to user. This is done directly on web server level, so it is extremely fast and ensures response within milliseconds.

If you want to keep using advanced functionality of Magento at speed of static HTML pages, ARTIO has a solution: M-Turbo Accelerator component. This component should become an integrated part of your Magento site performance optimization steps.

It boosts Magento speed and overall performance, as well as helps to save significant amount of server resources.

Ultimate speed-up of Magento e-store

What are the results? Facts about M-Turbo Accelerator:

  • Improve your Magento e-store performance
    M-Turbo provides a Magento speed-up of 10 - 100x on desired (cached) pages.
  • Provide faster response to your users
    The cached pages are being served within 100 miliseconds (0,1 second).
  • Save server system resources
    No more 100% CPU load on every single request.

Improve your Magento Performance

We want to prove you that it really works. Therefore, we offer a free version for try-out. If you like it, and want event more features or support further development, we will appreciate if you purchase a paid version.

Installation Guide