Book it Editions Comparison

ARTIO Book it! is available in 3 versions - Free, Paid and Pro. In the table bellow, you will find comparison of these editions.

Free version is ideal for small businesses with maximum of 2 items to be booked and also for testing purposes. Paid and Pro versions have the same features and also include payment gateways that can be used to make a payment of a selected reservation. Pro version has guaranteed reply times in terms of support.

Ideal for Small private businesses with maximum of 2 objects to be booked / reserved. Testing purposes. All that provide services that need reservations or web developers developing professional sites for businesses. Businesses using the component directly or developer who need fast support.
Number of managed objects (maximum) 2 Unlimited Unlimited
Informs about credits (ad link) Yes Optional (can be turned off) Optional (can be turned off)
Payment Gateways Included No Yes Yes
License GNU GPL v3
Support No support guaranteed. Community support is available through discussion forums. Support through Support ticket. Priority response with Customer support - reply within 5 business days. Full support through Support ticket. There are more Support tickets available - reply within 2 business days.
Paid Support Available Yes Yes Yes
Online Updates Available Yes Yes, 1 year from purchase with prolongation option
Price Free EUR 49 EUR 99
How to get Download Buy now! Buy now!