Partnership Programme

We are glad to introduce our Partnership Programme and welcome everyone to join us.

We have decided to make steps towards better internationalization of our products and being able to offer them also to non-English speaking communities, including better support in specific countries. Therefore, we have established Partner Programme for our Joomla and Magento components and we are currently looking for new partners.

Generally, we decided to offer our products and services via partners in the different countries rather then sell directly, as we want to make the relations with customers better and this is always easier done with a local partner.

What we expect from the partners

  • Active cooperation on product localization
  • Providing first-level support to local clients
  • Active cooperation with us on possible enhancements, user needs, etc.
  • Active propagation of the products

Here is a brief list of advantages if you join to our partners programme

  • Get commissions from license sales
  • Access to development license
  • Access to sale leads
  • ARTIO website listing as partner
  • Discounts on support services and training
  • Access to ARTIO priority technical support
  • Promote your partnership on ARTIO website, including your company logo
  • No annual fee
  • Participation in exclusive partner events and activities
  • Participation in co-marketing activities with ARTIO
  • Selling your own services as part of the product delivery (installation, setup, graphic template, etc.) 

A lot of our products are being used world-wide and have huge customers base. Being a partner enables you to extend your services and participate on the paid professional Joomla/ Magento services in other countries as well.

Our partners

pp partner     koongo K

How to join us?

To become our partner just send us e-mail containing company´s profile at and we will contact you. Join us and become partner just now!